The Gift


As we begin the journey through the twelve days of Christmas (and as most of our culture celebrates the first day of Christmas and moves on), I wish you all a Merry Christmastide.

As I reflect on the recent blog posts I have written about the indictments within the Requiem, I am reminded of the December 1st post I wrote about the Church’s obsession with blood.  I would like to flip that on its head in this blog by saying the focus of this Christmas season is the gift – the gift that has everything to do with the life of Jesus, not the death of Jesus (see my December 1st post, “The Church’s Obsession with Blood”).

In today’s blog I want to celebrate that gift: God’s gift of life.  As we gather with family (birth and/or chosen family), I wish for each one of us a deeper understanding of the gift that has been given to all of humanity through the birth and life of Jesus.  No matter what you think about the Church’s teachings and dogma surrounding the life of Jesus, I remain hopeful most people can agree that the life of Jesus is a tremendous contribution to understanding what it means to be human and how we relate to one another.  

Gathering with birth family members can be a bit challenging and yet can also be a great opportunity to live out the message and teachings of Jesus as we endeavor to open our hearts to understand, accept, and celebrate one another – even amidst our many differences.  My prayer for myself is that my focus can be what I perceive the focus of Jesus’ life would be: love.

On this Christmas day, throughout this Christmas season, and as we enter the new calendar year, my prayer is that Love will win in each of our lives and the lives of all those we love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.